Liam is protective of his best friend, as well as Scotts pack, but that doesnt mean he overreacted when he told Mason how much he distrusts Corey. Corey brings up a good point that Hayden was forgiven almost immediately for trusting Theo, but as Liam counters, Hayden nearly died to thwart Theos plans. Corey simply materialized after the battle was over and hoped no one had noticed he wasnt there the whole time. I applaud the show for pointing this out directly. Whether or not it was the plan all along to make Corey a more purposeful character is almost inconsequential; the idea that theyre unafraid of highlighting faults in their characters and using those faults to drive the story to a better place is the kind of writing fans want to see on a show like Teen Wolf. Its also not enough for the characters to acknowledge Coreys downfalls, though I appreciate it all the same. idea that Corey himself knows hes not an apex predator and that he has more of a flight than fight response means he can actively work toward being a more useful member of the McCall pack. But in addition to this, Teen Wolf is also showing us that Corey is indeed a needed member of their group. Thanks to his powers of invisibility, he is the only one who can see the Ghost Riders without being seen.

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Thank you, I appreciate the condolences. This means that the morning of Thanksgiving I will not be preparing my stomach for its enormous dinner by eating mountains of cinnamon rolls but instead RUNNING A 5K. While I personally find this to be offensive to a holiday specifically designed around food, I will nevertheless spend Thanksgiving wearing Outdoor Voices leggings , a tank top I normally reserve for sleeping, and a decade-old sports bra. Pray for me. Rebecca Jennings, associate producer While many people gravitate toward sweatpants for a casual Thanksgiving, I always opt for leggings. Why? Not only do most pairs offer a high waist and a certain degree of compression both helpful when you’re indulging in seconds or thirds but they’re also slimming and smoothing by nature. I’m a big fan of Alo Yoga’s Moto Leggings , which have the added benefit of quilting and paneling that makes them look less like leggings and more like proper pants. Or as I like to say, they’re not workout pants, but rather work/out pants (as in, I’m going to wear them to work, and also wear them out).

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